有意加盟的有识之士,请将中英文简历、学历证书及联络方式E- mail至:VIFEN1990@foxmail.com

VIFEN company is a young, stylish, keen mind, vibrant team.

They are full of vitality, highlight the personality, but also willing to lofty ideals and pay a down-to-earth efforts, the pursuit of personal integration into the long-term development of Wei Fen.

If you are confident in your creativity and learning ability, and believe in the truth that "attitude determines everything", you are willing to pay hard sweat to realize the professionalization of the individual in the professional field. Here, you will be a high quality runway. Take off a good platform.

Employees (co-workers) are our greatest assets

The new wave, we are looking for more reliable, side by side partners.

We are committed to creating an open and transparent working environment in which every member of the team has the opportunity to realize their potential and to ensure that everyone's views are respected. We invite you to join us as we strive to break through the family.

Interested in joining the people of insight, please resume in English, academic credentials and contact information E-mail to: VIFEN1990@foxmail.com