Innovation, also called creation.

Creation is the cognitive and behavioral activity of the individual to produce new and valuable results (spiritual, material) in accordance with certain purposes and tasks, using all known conditions.

Wei Fen that only the constant innovation of technology and management, in order to compete in the initiative, invincible.

Innovation is a new blood with oxygen, is the life.

Weifen operation innovation management innovation is

Management innovation is to introduce new management ideas, methods, organization and achieve innovation.
On the road of research and innovation, Vivin defines management innovation as a clear deviation from traditional management principles, processes and practices or from conventional organizational forms.
Our management refers to the value of the increase as the goal, strategy-oriented to the various elements of innovation (such as technology, organization, market, strategy, management, culture, systems, etc.) as the core of collaborative innovation to enhance and enhance core competencies, Core competitiveness as the center, through effective innovation management mechanism, methods and tools, and strive to achieve innovation for all, everything innovation, always innovation, innovation everywhere, to run through the entire innovation process of the new management changes .

In recent years, with the globalization of competition, many quality management concepts, management methods into the country, we firmly grasp the world quality theory and method of development trends at the same time, in order to more effectively use resources to achieve business goals, relying on the German operation Quality control and technological innovation, and always adhere to the quality management methods, adhere to the same as technological transformation, the introduction, digestion, absorption, to integrate themselves into the global industrial chain innovation, and form their own core competitiveness, quality and management technology .

We recognize that the emphasis on reliability management innovation is the entry point for companies to pursue world-class quality. Therefore, we focus on total quality management from the manufacturing process, extending from customer needs to identify the product after-sales service throughout the product life cycle. From the establishment of reliability goals, the full implementation of management innovation, zero defect management philosophy as a guide, the operation of innovation management so that our development and the environment match, according to their own characteristics and characteristics of the formation of common values embodies the enterprise.